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Gel Nails

There are several different options for beautiful nails using gel products. The first one is a standard gel manicure. A standard gel manicure consists of some simple preparation of the natural nail and application of a base coat, 2 coats of your desired color, and a sealing top coat. When done correctly with high quality products this service will last between 2-3 weeks. This maintenance time frame is different for each person based on lifestyle, body chemistry, speed of nail growth, and many other factors. We are also able to tailor our prep process and different products to accommodate different clients needs. If you are prone to your product chipping or lifting, please let us know. We will be happy to adjust our process to try to give you the best and longest lasting results possible. 

Another option for gel nails is an overlay using a builder gel. This provides a little more strength to your natural nail manicure. It can be done on its own or underneath a gel polish color. This service also has a maintenance time frame of between 2-3 weeks. 

The last option for doing gel nails is gel extensions. This is done using either plastic tips or nail forms. This service is used to create beautiful long, strong nail extensions. When applied and removed correctly with proper techniques and skill, no nail extensions will harm the natural nail. However, they must be maintained within 2-3 weeks in order to keep the apex of the enhancement balanced in the correct location on the nail. When you are ready to remove younail extensions they must not be pulled or torn off of the nail. The products we use are high quality products that are designed specifically to have high adhesion. When picked, pulled, and otherwise improperly removed any nail enhancement will cause damage to the natural nail. 

The health and safety of your natural nail will always be our # priority! Nail enhancements of any kind must be applied to a strong healthy natural nail. We always want the best possible foundation to start with.  If we are able to identify nail damage from improper product application or removal we will recommend that the client waits to reapply any type of product until their nails have had sufficient time to heal and regrow. 

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a great option for both nail extensions or to add strength to a natural nail manicure. 

Contrary to popular belief acrylic nails do not ruin your natural nails. Improper prep techniques, illegal nail products, and improper removal are the leading causes of nail damage. 

Acrylic nails are also a commitment. When applied, acrylic nails must be properly maintained within a certain time-frame to maintain the health of the natural nail. The recommended time-frame for acrylic maintenance is between 2-3 weeks. This is recommended because as the natural nail grows out the apex of the acrylic nail becomes unbalanced. If this is allowed to continue for too long the weight of the product can cause unnecessary strain on the natural nail. 

Please never glue your nail extensions down! 

If you have an acrylic nail that is lifting off of your natural nail, please do not glue it down. Please contact us ASAP to get in for a nail repair. 

Gluing down a nail enhancement can trap moisture underneath it and cause a bacterial infection to grow in your nail bed. The technical name for this is psudomonas. It is commonly called a "greenie". For more information on this please visit: https://www.nailsmag.com/390536/pseudomonas 


At inNAILvations Nail Salon we offer a different type of pedicure experience than you will find at most nail salons. 

We offer what is called Dry Pedicures. They are also known as water-less pedicures or hot towel pedicures. The purpose of this process change is to provide the clients with the safest and most sanitary experience possible.

The the first difference to a "typical" pedicure is the elimination of the need for the damaging heel file. This is replaced by a specialized e-file bit that is used as the first step when the feet are still dry. This helps exfoliate the rough skin on the heels and around the toes to prepare them for the salt soak. 

Soaking feet in a jetted tub is a highly unsanitary pedicure process. The jets have a tendency to trap bacteria and can cycle it back through the next bath. Instead of a large foot bath, the foot is sprayed generously with a salt soak mixture and wrapped in a hot towel. As the towel cools down the salt soak, soaks into the feet softening them for the coming steps.

After the salt soak process the rest of the typical pedicure process is completed as usual including a sugar scrub, hydrating masque (deluxe), and hydrating lotion massage. The deluxe pedicure also includes the addition of a collagen masque.


We also include gel polish application with every pedicure at no extra charge! Gel polish on toes lasts between 6-8 weeks!  


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