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At inNAILvations Nail Salon we take health, safety, and sanitation very seriously. We are always doing our very best to maintain the highest standards when it comes to sanitation. In light of these unprecedented times we are living in we have taken our sanitation and hygienic practices to the next level. 

In addition to cleaning and sterilizing our stations between each client we have added the following safety measures:

             ~All technicians and clients will be required to wear a face covering to their appointment. No exceptions. Client will please bring their own face covering as we do not have enough to provide.

      ~ Clients will please not bring any additional persons with them to their appointment.

      ~ Client will please text their nail artist upon arrival before coming in to assure we have thoroughly sanitized all surfaces before you come in. 

      ~ Clients will please wash their hands thoroughly, after arrival. 

      ~ Client will please refrain from touching their phone during their appointment.

      ~ Client will please monitor for symptoms meticulously and will cancel their appointment if any symptoms of any illness are present. 

Thank you! 

We Appreciate your support!

Nail Health is our #1 Priority

Natural nail health is the #1 priority at inNAILvations Nail Salon. We understand that if our clients nails don't stay healthy and strong we don't have a job. All of our techniques, products, and procedures are centered around maintaining nail health. 

There is a strongly believed myth that acrylics ruin your natural nails. We are here to dispel that myth. We continue to offer acrylic nails because when the nail is prepped correctly and safely, the products used are legal and FDA approved, and the acrylic nails are maintained in the proper time frame there will be no damage done to the natural nail.

What to expect? 

During your nail appointment there are many different procedures. There is the prep process, the application process and the finishing process. 

The prep process consists of preparing the nail for the application of product. This must be done carefully and efficiently. We are trained in the safe use of cuticle tools, hand files, electric files, primers, and other prep products. All of these things need to be put together in the correct order in order to prepare then nail plate to hold onto the product. 

The application process is also very critical. We are trained to apply many different products in the correct order that will create a beautiful and long lasting enhancement. Whether it be a basic gel polish manicure, a gel overlay, or even a full set of acrylic nails, our processes are learned techniques that take years to master. Every nuance of every step is intentional.  

The finish process is different for each service. With extensions (either gel or acrylic) there is a finish filing step where we smooth and shape the entire surface of the nails to make them clean and perfect. Then the color is applied to the extension to create a clean finished look. With a gel polish manicure, after the gel top coat is applied we will go through and file off any thing that might have over run into the side walls, and make sure the free edge is cleaned to a perfect shape. 

When the service is completed we finish everything off with a cuticle oil. These cuticle oils are designed specifically to re-hydrate your eponychium (cuticle), sidewalls, and hyponychium (under your free edge). This helps replenish all the moisture we dehydrated out during the prep process. It is important to continue to use cuticle oil during the weeks between your appointments. This helps your nails stay strong and healthy and keeps the product from lifting prematurely. 


How can YOU help?

#1- Maintain your nails in the proper time-frame. 

Acrylic nails are a commitment. They must be maintained properly otherwise they CAN cause damage. One of this biggest causes of damage from acrylic nails is going too long in between maintenance appointments. At inNAILvations Nail Salon we recommend maintenance appointments be spaced no longer than 3 weeks apart. This is because your natural nails are always growing. When we build an acrylic nail onto your natural nail we are trained to apply it with a very specific structure. It may look like we are just "slapping" product onto your nail but in reality, where and how we apply the product is a lot more precise and intentional than it might seem. There is a specific structure pattern we follow. Every step is done precisely and on purpose. Even down to the exact angle that we apply the nail forms to your finger before the acrylic is even applied. Each of these steps work together to create an enhancement for your nail that is not only beautiful but strong and long lasting. One of the aspects of this structure is called the "apex". The apex is the highest point of the nail. The point where there is the most amount of product on the nail. For proper structure this apex should be placed in the back 1/3 of the nail enhancement (closer to the cuticle of the finger). As your nail grows out, this apex grows with it. As you reach between 2-3 weeks after your appointment the apex will have reached the middle point of your natural nail. This is as far as the apex should be allowed to grow out. If it grows further toward the free edge of your nail it starts to approach the "stress area". This causes the enhancement to be unbalanced and can cause unnecessary strain on the natural nail. This can cause lifting at the back of the enhancement. If you are noticing that your nails are breaking or lifting really close to the time when your appointment is scheduled for, you might want to consider having your nails maintained at a shorter interval. 

#2 - Stay focused during your appointment.

Another cause for damage is premature lifting of product. When your nail professional is busy maintaining your nails, it might be sort of boring for you, the client, as the correct process takes time. It is important for you as the client to not use your hands for other things during your appointment. When you have a free hand while we are working on the other it doesn't necessarily mean that that hand can be used. The correct prep procedure involves dehydrating the natural nail and removing all oils and debris so the enhancement can stick correctly. When you pick up your phone, dig through your purse, scratch your face, brush your hair out of your eyes, etc. you are reintroducing different oils, dust, fuzz, and other debris onto the nails that we have just cleansed and prepared for product to be applied. Then when we apply the product there is something in the way of the prepped nail and the product. This can cause the product to lift. If it lifts off of one part of the nail that has debris on it, it can cause the enhancement to further lift off of areas where it shouldn't. This can cause damage. 

#3 - Don't ever super glue your nails down!

Have you ever heard of psudomonas? AKA Greenies? 

Click this link for more information:

This is a common occurrence in the nail industry for many reasons. Sometimes the nail tech gets lazy and neglects to remove all of the lifting from the enhancement before reapplying more product. Sometimes when a nail lifts the client chooses to super glue it back down onto the nail. If you notice when we apply product to your nails we are not using super glue. Once the product comes off (lifts) It cannot be put back down. It must be removed and fresh new product applied. When super glue is used to stick lifted acrylic back down onto a nail, it can trap moisture on the nail and a bacteria can grow under the nail bed creating a green spot commonly known as "greenies".

How do we fix this if it happens? 

First step is to completely remove all product from the nail. The next step is to soak the nail in Acetone. Acetone will kill the bacteria and cause it to stop growing. The nail is now safe to reapply product to because the greenie will no longer continue to grow, however the green stain on the nail will have to grow out before it goes away completely. 

#4 - Don't use your nails as tools! 

I know when you have long pretty acrylic nails its so tempting to use them to do things. Some examples are, pushing buttons, scraping up messes, etc. These activities are not recommended because they put pressure on the free edge of your nail and cause stress to be put on the natural nail. This can cause premature lifting and unbalancing of the enhancement

#5 - Don't pick or pull at your acrylic nails

This one is VERY IMPORTANT! Please do not pick or pull at your acrylic nails. Please do not try to pry them off with floss, or anything else. The products we use are made for nails and they are made to stick. The prep techniques and procedures and primers we use are there on purpose to ensure that the enhancements STICK TO YOUR NAILS. One of the big reasons why we don't offer a basic manicure with air dry nail varnish is because we want you to get VALUE out of your appointment. We want you to feel good about the money you are paying for your service. We use the highest quality products available in the industry. We invest in our education so we know the exact procedures to make sure those nails stick. If you try hard enough youll probably be able to get them off. But you wont be happy about it. It will be painful and it WILL damage your nails. If you do this please do not blame the nail tech, or the product. The nail tech did exactly what she was trained to do. The product did exactly what it was made to do. The problem lies in the improper removal. This is where the damage happens. 

What are "Hot Towel" Pedicures?

At inNAILvations Nail Salon our pedicure experience is slightly different than your "typical" pedicure. The #1 reason why we do things a little differently is because we are committed to providing our clients with the safest and most sanitary experience possible. 

A lot of pedicure chairs (like the ones with the massage chair attached and the jetted foot bath) have one single pipe that pipes water in, and also drains dirty water out. This situation can cause potential cross contamination between clients. Cross contamination is also possible from the water jet system. The entire jet system must be deconstructed, washed, and submerged in a hospital grade sanitation solution for a minimum of 10 minutes between each and every client in order for it to be considered "clean" to the Salt Lake County Health Department standards. 

With our revolutionary Hot Towel Pedicures we have eliminated the need for the foot baths in an effort to provide an experience that is more sanitary. 

What is everyone's favorite part of a "traditional" pedicure? If you ask me, it is the mud masque portion where your foot is wrapped in a hot towel after having been covered by a hydrating mud masque. This is only one step of our Deluxe Pedicure. We also wrap each and every previous and subsequent step of the pedicure in a hot towel. When you are finished your feet will feel so smooth you might have trouble walking!

Our deluxe pedicure begins with the removal of any previous nail color or gel polish. We then shorten and shape the toe nails to your desired length and shape. Then we clean the cuticles and prep the natural nail for gel polish application. Each and every one of our pedicures INCLUDES gel polish. This is not an up charge. We do the gel polish application first because it helps seal the gel onto the nail without the potential for oils and moisturizers preventing the gel from adhering. Also, if your natural nails are bare during the pedicure process they will absorb some of the moisture. If the gel is applied after this process it can create a "seal" on the nail and trap that moisture into the nail without allowing it to evaporate. This can also cause Pseudomonas or "greenies" (see link above). We avoid this issue by applying the gel polish at the beginning of the pedicure experience before any moisture comes into contact with the toe nails. 

After the gel polish has been expertly applied to your toe nails, we then take a specialized exfoliation electric file bit and gently exfoliate any rough or callused skin. Calluses are made on your foot for a reason. They are there to protect parts of your foot that are used a lot. You never want to completely remove or "shave off" a callus completely. We carefully and gently exfoliate the calluses to help soften them. The more often you have a pedicure experience like this the softer the calluses will remain. After softening the calluses we will spray your foot with a salt soak mixture. This is the same salt soak mixture that you would normally "soak" in, in a foot bath, but this procedure is much more sanitary. Then the foot is wrapped in a hot towel to aid the salt soak in softening the skin on the foot. This process is repeated on the other foot.

The next step is the sugar scrub. We will remove the cooled towel from your foot wiping off any excess foot soak. Then the foot is gently exfoliated with a sugar scrub. This is then wrapped in a brand new HOT towel. (I think you see where we are going with this!) This is then repeated on the other foot. 

After the towels are allowed to cool down and the sugar scrub has mostly dissolved in the hot towel, the towels are removed and the remainder of the sugar scrub is wiped off. Next comes the mud masque. This is spread generously over the foot and toes up to the ankle and again wrapped in a new HOT towel. Then this step is repeated on the other foot. 

Next step is the massage. Each of these solutions, (the soak, sugar scrub, mud masque, and massage lotion) are all paired together with a fragrance of your choice. We will carefully remove the mud masque from the foot with the wet towel and then massage the foot and calf with massage lotion until the lotion has soaked in completely. This is then repeated on the other foot. 

The final step of the Deluxe pedicure is the collagen treatment. We use a one time use Voesh Collagen sock for this step. We will wrap your foot in this collagen sock and then in yet ANOTHER hot towel to help the skin absorb as much collagen as possible. You will get to soak in the collagen treatment for approximately 10 minutes while we clean up the station. After which, we will remove the hot towel and the collagen sock (throw it away because it is a one time use) and massage the remaining collagen into your foot. This is then repeated on the other foot. This completes the pedicure experience. 

The whole process of a deluxe pedicure takes approximately 1 hour. For those who wish for a more simple experience we also offer a "Basic" pedicure. The basic pedicure still includes gel polish and most of the pedicure steps. The only parts that are not included are the mud masque step and the collagen treatment. 

Shellac vs 100% Gel

Whats the difference between Gel and Shellac? Aren't they the same thing?

Actually, no, they're not. Shellac is actually a brand name. It is the first UV curing nail polish that really gained popularity. For this reason, people commonly confuse the two. 

The biggest difference between "Shellac" and a True Gel Polish is the chemistry. Shellac is a type of gel polish that is designed for longer lasting wear than traditional air dry nail varnish. However, it is still only designed to last approximately 7 days. Shellac is actually a "hybrid" gel polish. Hybrid polishes are  made up of a mixture of UV curing gel and air dry nail varnish. This combination has its pros and cons. A pro is that it soaks off in acetone fairly easily. This is helpful for those salons and nail techs that choose to soak off their gel manicures at each appointment. (We don't do that at inNAILvations Nail salon and this is the number 1 reason why we don't use hybrid polishes. More on that later) The downside of a hybrid polish is they are not strong, they don't adhere well, and as mentioned above, they're really only designed to last 7-ish days. They also can have issues when curing. The 2 different types of chemistry in the polish sometimes don't get along, or the ratio is off and there is an imbalance of gel to polish and the polish can come out of the UV light wrinkled, or have other issues. Because of all of these potential issues, we don't use any kind of "hybrid" polishes at inNAILvations Nail Salon. 

Ok, so now we understand what Shellac is. The next question is... Why is a true gel better? 

Oh, for so many reasons! 

True gel polishes or 100% gel polishes are stronger, more flexible, have better retention, and have a removal process that is much safer for your nails! Generally, manicures done with 100% gel products last longer than 3 weeks! 

There are many different brands that produce gel products that are 100% gel. Some that come to mind are, Magpie Beauty, Luxio by Akzentz, LUXA, Light Elegance, and others. The main brands used at inNAILvations Nail Salon are Magpie Beauty and Luxio by Akzentz. 

Another benefit to using a true gel is the structure that can be built with the gel products. When a hybrid polish is applied it must be applied super thin. This is because the polish is trying to UV cure and air dry at the same time. If applied too thick the polish can wrinkle, or can leave a pocket of uncured/wet gel inside and cause the whole nail to just peel off. With a true gel, each layer can be applied just a little bit thicker. Without being able to tell a big difference in the finished result, having thicker layers can have added benefits. It helps give your natural nails a bit of extra strength to hold up throughout your every day life. It also gives your nail tech a buffer zone to file back to when you want a color change. This helps protect your natural nail from damage!

We want to do everything we can to keep your nails healthy and strong and part of that is making sure the natural nail plate is filed as little as possible. When using a hybrid polish and following a "soak off" method of removal, the product is completely removed from the nail each and every time. This is bad for the nails for several reasons. One reason, is when the gel was originally applied, the nail had to be "prepped" for its application in order for the gel to adhere. So when the polish is "soaked off", the prepped part of your nail is re-exposed. And therefore needs to be "re-prepped" for the next application. Another reason is acetone has a "drying" effect to your nail plate. When over exposed to acetone the nail plate becomes extremely dry and brittle and can cause your nails to break and peel apart. Having a set of nails soaked off once in a while isn't a big deal, but you don't want to do it every 2 weeks every time you want a color change. 

When using a product that is 100% gel, the product can be "filled in" and never needs to be removed from the nail. When you come in for a new manicure the nail professional will use an electric file to file the color from the base layer. Only the color is removed. The base layer remains on the nail. This protects the natural nail plate from being over filed. Then the brand new fresh nail that has just grown out, is prepped and ready for product application. Thus causing no damage to the nail plate and keeping your nails long and strong and healthy! 

If you're used to more of a "shellac" type experience... come on in and let us show you the difference. I guarantee your nail life will never be the same! 

Watch this quick 2 minute video to see an example of our removal and prep process! 

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